Surrounded by Thoughts of You

My Dearest Queen,

Today I was completely surrounded with the thoughts of you. From the moment I awoke, there you were, sitting in my thoughts like a fabulous dream. It was as if you had reached across the many miles that separate us to gently awake me from my silent slumber. As with many nights before, I woke knowing that I had been dreaming about you. I know this, only because of the restful sleep that I have received. I felt as if my soul was smiling. As I got up to greet my day, I walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, I swear that I could feel your presence in the room. I even expected you to meet me halfway with a fresh cup already poured just the way I liked it. It was a strange feeling to have, but at the same time, it made me happy to think about it. Later in the day, I went out with my son to take care of a few errands that I needed to run. While we were at the grocery store, I swear that I could hear your voice coming from the next isle over. Your sweet southern accent filled the air, and with a burst of energy, I zipped around to see if it could possibly be you. As you are well aware, it was not. Instead, it was a woman that was speaking to her child who was insistently trying to convince her  to buy a box of sugary cereal. I must have looked a bit out of place to her, because she looked up at me with a strange smile, then looking at my son, she offered a quick “how are you sweety?” He silently waved, then looked at me for something to say… After that, I could not shake the thought of you. For the rest of the day, I found myself thinking of nothing but you…


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What you were doing?

How was your day going?

Were you in a happy mood, or a sad one?

Were you thinking of me?

Thought after thought, I fought off many urges to pick up the phone to call you. I had even typed up a short text message to reach out to you, but I came to my senses before I hit send. All I wanted to do was to let you know how much I loved you. Even now, I was just outside having a smoke in the cool night air. I was looking up at a beautiful crescent moon that hung high in the winter sky and I heard myself ask the heavens if you were looking at the same moon. I know that it may sound a little bit silly, but it is those types of things that help me to deal with our separation…

I love you and miss you my Queen

I hope to dream about you again tonight… May the love that I have for you travel to you on the wings of angels and deliver my kiss to you!


I Will Wait For You My Queen!

My Queen

dynamic-queen (1)My Heart is ever focused on you and the LOVE I know I will one day share with you…

You are my other half, my soul mate and my one true LOVE…

You are my intended Queen that has been chosen by the Heavens…

No matter how long it takes my LOVE,