Comfort in My Dreams

A Dream of Passion


Courtesy of Google Images

You came to me last night while I slept.

As I lay there in a restless slumber,

I suddenly felt a soft calming presence enter the room.

I opened my eyes and saw you standing over me.

Your beautiful eyes looked right into my soul.

Your sweet loving smile embraced my heart.

Without saying a word,

I knew everything that was on your mind.

You slipped off your clothes,

one piece at a time.

My heart began to race in anticipation of what was to come.

I tried to reach out and touch you,

but I could not move.

The look that you gave me assured me of your intention.

As I lay there motionless,

you placed your body on top of my own.

The warmth of your touch was exactly what I needed.

Then you placed your breasts upon my chest,

My body filled with passion.

As you lightly kissed me here and there,

I felt our bodies become one.

I was in a trance of hunger relieved.

Your hands moved across me with loving care.

I was lost in your beauty.

As your legs wrapped tightly around me,

I knew the climax was near.

I fought to resist it,

for fear that you would then be gone.

But you did not depart,

No, you stayed for the night with our bodies tightly bound.

I was in heaven…

Just before I awoke as you started to leave,

you left me with a gentle whisper that rings even now…

“I will see you again… I love you…”

I am at peace 🙂