Comfort in My Dreams

A Dream of Passion


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You came to me last night while I slept.

As I lay there in a restless slumber,

I suddenly felt a soft calming presence enter the room.

I opened my eyes and saw you standing over me.

Your beautiful eyes looked right into my soul.

Your sweet loving smile embraced my heart.

Without saying a word,

I knew everything that was on your mind.

You slipped off your clothes,

one piece at a time.

My heart began to race in anticipation of what was to come.

I tried to reach out and touch you,

but I could not move.

The look that you gave me assured me of your intention.

As I lay there motionless,

you placed your body on top of my own.

The warmth of your touch was exactly what I needed.

Then you placed your breasts upon my chest,

My body filled with passion.

As you lightly kissed me here and there,

I felt our bodies become one.

I was in a trance of hunger relieved.

Your hands moved across me with loving care.

I was lost in your beauty.

As your legs wrapped tightly around me,

I knew the climax was near.

I fought to resist it,

for fear that you would then be gone.

But you did not depart,

No, you stayed for the night with our bodies tightly bound.

I was in heaven…

Just before I awoke as you started to leave,

you left me with a gentle whisper that rings even now…

“I will see you again… I love you…”

I am at peace 🙂


Your Beautiful Eyes

Your Beautiful Eyes


I had a dream of you last night,

like many times before…

You wanted me to hold you tight,

I’ve always wanted more…

I heard you whisper in my dreams,

asking for a kiss…

Despite the realness that it seems,

I know its just a wish…

I see your face as clear as day,

the blueness of your eyes…

And though you are so far away,

My dreams will tell no lies…

The day will come when we are bound,

to live our life as one…

Until that day, I know I’ve found

the dream of whats to come…

Those Eyes…

Those Beautiful Eyes…

The y call to me each night and day,

They live among my thoughts…

The reason that I feel this way,

You ought to wonder not…

Those Eyes…

Those Beautiful Eyes…