Surrounded by Thoughts of You

My Dearest Queen,

Today I was completely surrounded with the thoughts of you. From the moment I awoke, there you were, sitting in my thoughts like a fabulous dream. It was as if you had reached across the many miles that separate us to gently awake me from my silent slumber. As with many nights before, I woke knowing that I had been dreaming about you. I know this, only because of the restful sleep that I have received. I felt as if my soul was smiling. As I got up to greet my day, I walked into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, I swear that I could feel your presence in the room. I even expected you to meet me halfway with a fresh cup already poured just the way I liked it. It was a strange feeling to have, but at the same time, it made me happy to think about it. Later in the day, I went out with my son to take care of a few errands that I needed to run. While we were at the grocery store, I swear that I could hear your voice coming from the next isle over. Your sweet southern accent filled the air, and with a burst of energy, I zipped around to see if it could possibly be you. As you are well aware, it was not. Instead, it was a woman that was speaking to her child who was insistently trying to convince her  to buy a box of sugary cereal. I must have looked a bit out of place to her, because she looked up at me with a strange smile, then looking at my son, she offered a quick “how are you sweety?” He silently waved, then looked at me for something to say… After that, I could not shake the thought of you. For the rest of the day, I found myself thinking of nothing but you…


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What you were doing?

How was your day going?

Were you in a happy mood, or a sad one?

Were you thinking of me?

Thought after thought, I fought off many urges to pick up the phone to call you. I had even typed up a short text message to reach out to you, but I came to my senses before I hit send. All I wanted to do was to let you know how much I loved you. Even now, I was just outside having a smoke in the cool night air. I was looking up at a beautiful crescent moon that hung high in the winter sky and I heard myself ask the heavens if you were looking at the same moon. I know that it may sound a little bit silly, but it is those types of things that help me to deal with our separation…

I love you and miss you my Queen

I hope to dream about you again tonight… May the love that I have for you travel to you on the wings of angels and deliver my kiss to you!


A Letter of Love <3

To my one true love,

Today is a day that is meant for reflection on the love that binds us together. As I look at our situation and think about all the things that separate us, I cannot help but feel the sadness dwelling in my soul. Oh how I long to be with you today. However, in the strangeness of reality, I can honestly say that I feel this way everyday that I think of you and we are apart. On this special day of love, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a taste of things that surround my heart and warm my soul and keeps our love alive.  I understand that mere words alone cannot express my truest of feelings. But, for the moment, it is all I have…

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1) From the moment I first laid eyes on you, you captured me… You are my soul mate, my true other half…

2) When you speak to me, your words fall upon my ears with golden sounds of melodic heartfelt words…

3) Even now, separated by the distance and the situation we are in, you make me feel loved and cherished above all other things…

4) On my darkest day, in my hours of struggle, I need only to picture myself with you and it all fades away…

5) You give me hope that there is indeed a chance for happiness. The only piece that is missing is you…

6) When I think of you, I am instantly taken to a place that involves only you and I in a room filled with passion…

7) When you say the words “I Love You” I am certain that you mean it…

8) I am living in a constant state of the wonderful memories of you…

9) You dwell in my dreams, bringing me deeper into my thirst to be with you…


Happy Valentines Day My Love… I miss you 🙂

Comfort in My Dreams

A Dream of Passion


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You came to me last night while I slept.

As I lay there in a restless slumber,

I suddenly felt a soft calming presence enter the room.

I opened my eyes and saw you standing over me.

Your beautiful eyes looked right into my soul.

Your sweet loving smile embraced my heart.

Without saying a word,

I knew everything that was on your mind.

You slipped off your clothes,

one piece at a time.

My heart began to race in anticipation of what was to come.

I tried to reach out and touch you,

but I could not move.

The look that you gave me assured me of your intention.

As I lay there motionless,

you placed your body on top of my own.

The warmth of your touch was exactly what I needed.

Then you placed your breasts upon my chest,

My body filled with passion.

As you lightly kissed me here and there,

I felt our bodies become one.

I was in a trance of hunger relieved.

Your hands moved across me with loving care.

I was lost in your beauty.

As your legs wrapped tightly around me,

I knew the climax was near.

I fought to resist it,

for fear that you would then be gone.

But you did not depart,

No, you stayed for the night with our bodies tightly bound.

I was in heaven…

Just before I awoke as you started to leave,

you left me with a gentle whisper that rings even now…

“I will see you again… I love you…”

I am at peace 🙂

The Burning Silence

The Burning Silence

heart-on-fireAs I am sitting here thinking of you,

The passing of time has seem to slowed down to a crawl.

I am waiting for you to reach out to me,

But there is nothing more than silence all around me.

I missed you last attempt at contact,

Now I am forced to sit here in hopes that you will try again.

The silence is overwhelming,

heart-on-fireI have entered in to a steady pattern of looking at my phone…

Ring Damn it Ring!

What are you doing now?

Are you thinking of me?

Can you feel my thoughts of you?

Ring Damn it Ring!

Still there is nothing but the burning silence around me…


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Your Beautiful Eyes

Your Beautiful Eyes


I had a dream of you last night,

like many times before…

You wanted me to hold you tight,

I’ve always wanted more…

I heard you whisper in my dreams,

asking for a kiss…

Despite the realness that it seems,

I know its just a wish…

I see your face as clear as day,

the blueness of your eyes…

And though you are so far away,

My dreams will tell no lies…

The day will come when we are bound,

to live our life as one…

Until that day, I know I’ve found

the dream of whats to come…

Those Eyes…

Those Beautiful Eyes…

The y call to me each night and day,

They live among my thoughts…

The reason that I feel this way,

You ought to wonder not…

Those Eyes…

Those Beautiful Eyes…