About Me

Like most of you, I am simply a person that is looking for the answer to the question of who I am… So, who am I?


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Well, I can sit here and tell you what I portray to most people who would ask me such a question. I can tell you about the beautiful side of my family life and share with you the highlights of  my public image, or the fact that I have a wonderful job that I truly love and  want to do for the rest of my life… I could also tell you about how good of a person I am, by sharing examples of all the wonderful things I have done for my community… I could sit here and tell you about my dreams of a better world and tell you all about my plans to make it that way. However, if I did it that way, I would basically defeat the purpose of why I have chosen to write this blog… So, who am I?

The true picture of who I am has yet to be determined. I to am in search of that answer to that very question… I know a certain few things that I will use to help to guide me on my quest. For example, I know that I have a great love of music, art, poetry and other forms of the written language. I am a social person, and I have a deep thirst to be around other people in all aspects of life. However, I am also deeply flawed by my need to seek acceptance and approval from them. I have a driven passion for life and want to get the most out of my time here in this world. Yet, I must admit that I do tend to dwell in the fantasies of my inner most mind…

I am on a quest… I am an explorer… I am on a journey to discover WHO I AM



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